The Joy of Walking a Mile in Kobe

I find Kobe a memorable experience. Streets are busy and the city is between mountains and the oceans. The mountain seems close to the city. And the streets will give you a picture on how downtown Kobe looks like.

Come along with me. Let's take a walk.

Oh yes, I had fun wandering the streets of Kobe, especially the shopping and the entertainment areas. It was nice to see a different view - something new! I had to go up and down the steps of too many overpasses.

I already did a lot of walking, didn't I?

My family were tired so I did more walking on my own on the street going uphill. I left them in one place sitting. I moved my feet to explore more, with a camera on one hand.

Statue on the street of Kobe JAPAN
To satisfy my curiosity, I took a narrow street and out with a different one taking photos of whatever I thought looks interesting.

After, maybe a little over half an hour, I traced my way back where I left them. When I turned my back, I saw a different picture. For whatever reason, it looked different than what I had seen moments ago.

I got confused! 

But then, I walked anyway, trying to find my way. I tried hard but couldn't find the landmark that I had to remember.

I was disoriented!

Downtown Kobe

It's been almost an hour that I was away. I knew they were worrying because I told them I would be back in few minutes, and it did not happen. Then I saw an overpass so I went back up and tried if I could find them from above, there was really no trace.

So, what else can I do, go down the stairs and start walking again?

And I did walk again!

Statue on the street of Kobe JAPAN

Finally,  I found them....(or they found me?)......not on the bench where they were sitting but on the street, walking to try find me, haha.

It was tiring but I am enjoying my adventure. An experience that I could never forget. My stay in Kobe - though it was brief - gave me the idea that it was a busy city.

But wait, notice in one of the pictures I posted that there's no one around, but a statue I see standing alone on the side street.

I have seen quite a number of statues along the street.

They are nice!

In the nude.

But not sure about the secret behind. It does not say anything, anywhere. It's just there!

I will give you a hint on how the city looks like because I know you are wondering how I lost myself in this city. Let's spend little more time wandering.

Come along, it will take ... few minutes!

Sannomiya Train Station in Kobe JAPAN
Get Off at Sannomiya Train Station

If you are visiting Kobe, take the JR Subway train.

Subway systems in Japan, Kobe in particular are very convenient. If you are coming from either Osaka or Himeji, you have to get off at Sannomiya Station. This is the commuter hub in Kobe serving as the transfer point for the three major intercity rail lines, the JR Kobe Line, the Hankyu Kobe Line, and the Hanshin Main Line.

Sannomiya is a district of Kobe, Japan and the biggest downtown in the city. You will enjoy shopping at the department stores just right in front of the Sannomiya Railway Station.

Tokyu Hands: Shop Until you Drop

You will see the Ikuta Road leading to the Tokyu Hands Store. It is a local department store with many branches all over Japan. This store is in Sannomiya situated near the Sannomiya Train Station. It caters to almost anything from household goods, bags, toys, games, gift cards, novelties and do-it-yourself kits.

Ikuta Road leading to Tokyu Hands Store
Come along and have a look. It is approximately 7 to 10 minutes on foot from the train station. Can you see how I enjoy walking in Kobe?

A Unique Statue in the Centre of Kobe

Have you seen the statue located in a strategic location in the centre of Kobe? It is one of those statues I have mentioned earlier. You will find it in a small park-like circle in Sannomiya district leading to a shopping street in the downtown core. Take a close look.

A Unique Statue in the Centre of Kobe.
Have you figured out what represent this statue?  Bodies on top of one another! I am sure there is a reason why it is there. I just did not have a chance to check if there is a marker explaining the relevance of its uniqueness.

Do me a favour, check this out when you are in Kobe.

The Kobe Shrine

Notice the entrance of a shrine in Kobe. You will see the art, a homegrown attraction which resembles Japan tradition. Kobe is cosmopolitan and with the shrine in the centre of the city, it is surely an attraction not to be missed.

The Kobe Shrine in Kobe JAPAN

Entering the Higashimon Street

If you want to try bars and restaurant in Kobe, then, go to Higashimon Street. You will experience almost every dish and drinks you are craving for especially the local foods.

Higashimon Street in Kobe JAPAN

See the entrance to this street? It is a walking distance from the Sannomiya Station. You won't miss it.

But mind you, it is a narrow road and notice a bunch of trucks and all types of vehicle blocking the entrance.  But....does it matter?

Go walk, take a look. But, be cautious!

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