Mohamed Amine Bouhouche of Algiers ALGERIA

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Mohamed Amine Bouhouche
Student at KFUPM : Founder/CEO/Project Programmer : Traveller 

(Algiers, ALGERIA)
Travel is all about making memories that will last forever

From A Traveller's Desk finally had the chance to interview MoeAmine (Mohamed's nickname) in spite of his busy schedule in his university, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) in Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He hopes to finish his Bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering in the year 2015 which is five more semesters to go. Aside from being active as a student, he is the Founder, CEO and Project Programmer of KFUPM Resources, a project he believes will be the main source for the university, KFUPM students in particular but will definitely be a useful reference to staff and instructors in general.

MoeAmine is from Algiers, the largest city of Algeria which he said still is his favourite place to be.

Strasbourg Alsace FRANCE
MoeAmine considers himself as a new traveller though he reveals that he has travelled to Malaysia, France, Germany, Bahrain, Qatar, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and his country of Algeria. "A place that I had a nice time and very memorable is Selestat in France. It is a great place to enjoy fresh air - though I did not stay there for more than three nights," he says. 

He plans to visit in the near future, the United States of America, Russia, Germany (for the second time) and New Zealand. He is thinking of travelling to New Zealand first because he is getting excellent reviews from some of his friends who had been to this great country. 

 And now MoeAmine's travel story....

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Flag of Algeria
My city of Algiers in Algeria is a beautiful place. I am inviting readers of this blog to consider coming to my country although it is not named as a tourist hotspot. Most of the interesting sights are situated in the old part of our city, like Casbah or Medina. If you are looking for architecture and stuff  like that, Algiers' old French buildings will amaze you and  the promenade along the seafront is a plus point to explore.

More importantly, Algerians don't bite! On the contrary, they will impress you with their friendly and hospitable ways. I know, because I lived there most of my life. It is my favourite! I feel comfortable and enjoy doing all sorts of activities that I want and have good memories of it. 

As to my plan of travelling to other countries, I wish I can travel the world especially when I finish my university.  It is an exciting way of discovering other peoples culture, tradition and way of life.  I find it amazing!

MoeAmine ~ Planning a trip?
I always make plans before going to any place; because once I am there,  I cannot believe how fast time is passing.

Basically, it is great to have an idea on a couple of things prior to  a trip. I do research on how things are in a particular country, like the culture and tradition, the kind of food they have, the transportation system in general, what the weather is like, and of course, a rough estimate of how much I am going to spend. If you cannot find the information online, ask!

I think that buses are the best transport to use in my destinations.  They have more advantages than any transportation system. However, I usually tend to use trains as well, just to try them. 

I like sharing my travel experiences. In this blog, I will show you how I enjoyed my travels through pictures.  I will highlight Algeria on the first part with the corresponding description.  The rest of the pictures will be the countries which I have visited recently,  like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and France.  

Hope you will enjoy your virtual tour.  If you are interested to read more of my travel stories and want to see more pictures, you may visit me on Facebook.

I also write a blog. Visit me as you may find it interesting.  It's a pretty cool blog! I write articles with varied topic. See you there.

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They all have been travelling for many years and I can guarantee that all of them have travel tips that all of us can learn and benefit from.  I have to thank all other fellow travellers who have responded to my invite.  I will definitely publish your stories as soon as I have completed the details.

Port of Ziama Mansouria in Jijel ALGERIA
Ziama Mansouria Jijel ALGERIA
Mosque at Mansouria Jijel ALGERIA
Beach at Ziama Mansouria Jijel ALGERIA
Port at Ziama Mansouria Jijel ALGERIA
Ziama Mansouria Jijel ALGERIA

Ziama Mansouria Jijel ALGERIA
Ziama Mansouria Jijel ALGERIA
Ziama Mansouria Jijel ALGERIA
Ziama Mansouria Jijel ALGERIA
Drinking fresh water from top of the mountain ALGERIA
Ziama Mansouria Jijel ALGERIA
City of Tizi Ouzou ALGERIA
Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA
Independence Square Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA

Eiffel Tower in Paris FRANCE
With my Uncle at Strasbourg FRANCE

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