The Best Places to Visit in London

Written by Abbas Hussain

London is a diverse and exciting city with so much to see and discover. Whilst visiting this amazing city you should of course visit the Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, various theatres, clubs and the like. There are many more places to visit which most tourists often miss. Here is a list of some of the best places you should never miss when in London.

Buckingham Palace
This is the home of the Queen of London. The palace is usually open to the public in the months of August and September when the queen is away at Balmorals in Scotland. Most visitors come to this place to watch the Ceremonial Changing of the Guard that takes place at 11:30 am all year round. Other attractions in the palace include the Royal Mews, where the glass royal wedding coach and the gold coronation coach are on display.
The Tower of London
This is actually a castle with more than a dozen towers. The tower is arguably the most famous tourist destination site where the prince Edward V and his younger brother were murdered. There are so many things to see at the tower. Some sights you should not miss are the Traitor’s Gate – where new prisoners passed if approaching by boat and the Tower of Green Scaffold – where seven people, amongst them two wives of Henry VII, were beheaded.
St. Paul’s Cathedral
Although London has many interesting churches, the Saint Paul’s Cathedral is certainly the most famous. The initial cathedral was destroyed in 1766 in the Great Fire. The trip to the top is 530 steps, which are done during several stages. At the first stage, you will reach a walkway called the Whispering Gallery. Here the acoustics will ensure you are heard on the other side of the Cathedral. The next step is an outdoor walkway that allows you to have a 360 degrees view of London. The last stage allows you to have a better view of London. The cathedral is usually open from 8:30 am – 4:00 PM every Monday to Saturday.
Westminster Abbey
The Westminster Abbey is a key royal stop for any tour of London. It is in this spot where some of the most famous kings and queens of London were buried. One of the major places of the site is the Poet’s corner, where London’s famous writers such as Charles Dickens, Chaucer and Edmund Spenser among others were buried. Various practices to memorialize these writers are also carried out in this monument during different times of the week.

This is an upscale situated next to Hyde Park. A visit to the Knightsbridge will allow you to find the Harrods and go down to the food hall where you will enjoy a look at the work of art which included the fresh fish display. When in Knightsbridge, do not forget to pass by the Harvey Nichols. A stroll to the neighbourhood will allow you to witness a wealth of excellent pricey boutiques. Both the Harrods and the Harvey Nichols are open from 10-7 Monday to Saturday.

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