Go Ahead with the Cruise - After the ill-fated Costa Concordia?

I have not been to a luxury cruise but have had enough information on how luxurious the cruising was.  The sailing I am referring to are the ones on the high seas for a couple of nights.  The ones that stop on some ports that give the passengers experience what the stop-over has in store for them.  To me, it is a better way of exploring and discovering small places. 

I have been to short cruises that last from four hours to a day.  I always want to experience all the transport facilities in my destinations.  I fly, take the bus, the taxi, the train, and cruise to go around must-see places.

Taking a week-long cruise is not in my itinerary but I had planned on cruising to Alaska just before the mishap in Giglio, Italy.  I never question my original travel plan after the disaster and I don't see any reason why I should change my mind.  

Cruise bookings after the Costa Concordia disaster remain strong according to the cruise industry. Daily Telegraph in UK confirmed that prospective holiday makers are still making almost as many inquiries about cruises as they were before the mishap.

To read the details of the story released by Tribune Information Services, please click here.

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