Review: You Touch ~ You Pay Attitude in Hong Kong

Yes, HK is supposed to be a shopping haven especially if you are a bargain hunter. I had a week to spend in going around but our intention mostly is to do a shopping spree. My bad experience with the the stores are not what I expect from a country known to be famous for "business-minded" people.

This is what happened. I entered a fabric store with my wife to buy a couple of dress materials. We look around to check the colour and the type of material that we want. Then we found one, we touch it to have a feel of the fabric. The storekeeper did not like it ~ touching their goods. She took the material from my wife's hand and put it back to its original place. Then we leave because we thought they do not want our money.
We moved from one stall to another but we hesitate to touch their wares. Finally, there's one more store that we cannot help but touch the material. Without saying anything, the saleslady brought the fabric to cash register insinuating that we need to pay. I was trying to tell her in broken English that I have not decided to buy it and still have to see if it will serve our purpose. Impatiently, and without saying a word, she showed us the way to the door! Really, in Hong Kong most people cannot even speak and understand English. Even if they don't talk, their action speaks louder than words! Lesson we learned from this experience? Cut short our stay and did not waste our time and go somewhere else! 

Category: Shops
Name of Shops: Various small shops
Address: Kowloon Hong Kong
Website: None
Rate: 6

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