Slovakian castle Krasna Horka on fire

Krasna Horka in Slovakia, a monumental gothic castle in eastern part of the euro-zone nation, is seen on fire today.  The 14th century national monument whose name means "beautiful little hill" towers over the village of Krasnohorske Podhradie near the eastern Slovak town of Rožňava.

Krasna Horka on fire
According to the information of the Slovak TV news, the fire was possibly started by the ethnic gypsies who lives close to the castle.

A view of Krasna Horka Castle while on fire

It was reported that the fire started early afternoon and all firefighters from Košice, Rožňava,Dobšiná, Poprad, as well as volunteers from nearby Štítnik and the army tried to save the castle without success.

Krasna Horka Castle on Fire towering the village of Rožňava

The fire was allegedly due to illegal burning of dry grass that completely destroyed the roof of the castle and later fell in and set fire to the furniture and exhibits within.  It was learned that there were no visitors in the castle when the fire happened.  

The Beautiful castle of Krasna Horka before the fire


  1. Krasna Horka (Krasznahorka) was one of the most beautiful castles of Hungary and was part of Hungary from it's construction in the 14th century until 1920. It still is a great pride to the Hungarians and the 500,000 who still live inside the new country of Slovakia which the Hungarians refer to as Felvidek (the highland province). The Slovaks have copied the Hungarian flag, a Hungarian folksong is their national anthem and of course always the gypsies and Hungarians are the bogeymen, the scapegoats for everything bad that happens. If gypsies did start the fire, I feel sorry for them, if these are Slovak rather than Hungarian gypsies (many have assimiliated) then I see some major problems there. Will depend on the recent parliamentary elections as to what happens next. Anyway a Hungarian monument is gone, as each decade more and more Hungarians declare themselves as Slovaks, even if they were ethnic Hungarians for 1000 years! Very sad! Cultural genocide! And very sad this beautiful building, which I have visited, is now in ruin.

    1. Thank you so much for your views. Let's see what other readers say.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jacqueline for your comment.
      I regret the fact that I travelled to Slovakia and missed the castle before the fire.

  3. Sorry real Slovakian people run away to mountains from hungarian hordes for this reason Slovakian population is still existing. Don’t forget that inside of you is circulating Slovakian blood (genetically proved), and this is fact of cultural exchange of 1000 years…not more…

    1. Your views and information is appreciated. Thank you for giving feedback.


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