Why Toronto Travellers Prefer Furnished Apartments Over Hotels?

Written by Pamela Walker

In the global hotels and lodging industry, there is a new terminology being used these days called furnished serviced apartments.  These apartments are meant for both short-term and long-term stays.  In the past decade there has been a considerable rise in international travels and most travellers have shown their preference towards these furnished serviced apartments.  They have proven as to be the best options to the international travellers who are travelling for corporate meetings, for budget stays on long vacations, for those who are relocating and require temporary stays.

There are many other factors which have led people towards the preference of serviced apartments, as when compared there were many vital benefits of furnished serviced apartments over hotels.

Privacy ~ Furnished apartments give you a home-away from home kind of experience.  It has all possible facilities that an ideal home has and lets you reside in this apartment as a resident, not like a guest.  Unlike a hotel room, it provides a private experience as you live there just like the way you live at your home with freedom and convenience.  Furnished rental apartments have a kitchen where you can get to your own food stuff and cook for yourself and your family.  You comparatively have more space to your credit, a whole apartment where you can even invite guest for a house party.

Features ~ These apartments are designed with fully loaded features that are enough to give you a home like experience.  Generally, when you are hiring these apartments for a long period, say for or above 30 days, you get these apartments at a very reasonable price than the hotel room.  Unlike in a hotel, here you get more than a one room to use, even for gatherings and meetings.  Apartments are very comfortable where you have a separate
living room, dining room and bedrooms.  If your children are along with you, they would find more space to play around and simultaneously you also get to enjoy your part of privacy.  Getting your pets along on your vacation is not a problem in apartments, but many hotels don't allow pets. You have provision to wash your clothes here with the help of washers and dryers for your laundry.  There are few furnished serviced apartments which also provide a fax line, phone and mail box.  For those who are living for long duration in the apartments, you can enjoy free parking facilities too.

Facilities and Services ~ A hotel room can never provide you the level of amenities as furnished serviced apartments can provide you.  Apartments are always loaded with the latest furnishings and electronics.  Some other services of the apartment include high-speed Internet, other home utilities (like gas supply, electricity and water) and weekly housekeeping services.  The kitchens are fully loaded with crockery, stove, pots and pans, knives, toasters, oven, refrigerators and cutleries.  Living room has TV with remote and other required furniture pieces like sofas, chairs and coffee table. Bedrooms an bathrooms are also well-designed and adorned with the latest designer accessories and decorations enabling you to experience a world-class living standard.

Cost Factor ~ Along with these amenities, you can enjoy some of the most affordable prices along with world-class luxury.  The comparative study has proven that if you rent an apartment you save almost 30 to 40%.  You also save on excessive taxes of your hotel bills including random things, which are often easily missed out.

Sometimes, these furnished apartments make your stay at any place really beautiful.  In popular destinations like Toronto, you get to enjoy a cozy and exquisite experience. The affordable luxury you get to enjoy with these services provide you with an experience you are not likely to forget easily. Make it a point to make your bookings on time and enjoy these exceptionally convenient services to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Pamela  is a content writer and a passionate travel blogger. She has long experience in Toronto luxury furnished apartment and is always willing to share her professional experience with any traveller. She regularly writes guest posts & articles about apartment accommodation and assist in finding comfortable accommodation in the city.

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