Best Things To Do On A Summer Vacation To Canada

Written by Zoya Jazmin

The summer season in Canada is one of the popular times in exploring the wide range of remote and urban destinations for adventure that are available in the country. Though the winter season brings along its fair share of charms the months of June to August is the biggest draw for the tourists. While the inflated bills and spillover crowds at all tourist destinations are a drawback, the pleasantly warm weather with an assortment of activities to undertake more than makes up for the unfavourable situation.
West Hawk Lake ~ Whiteshell Provincial Park - Manitoba, CANADA Photo Credit : Wikimedia
Popular activities for the Canadian summer:

When it comes to spending a summer vacation in Canada, both its locals and visitors prefer heading out to the remote locations to enjoy a moment of relaxation at the lakeside resorts and cottages. Camping, water sports, canoeing, mountain biking and hiking are popular activities pursued all over the country. The more urban destinations such as Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto host numerous summer festivals and events to get into the party mood for the season.

Best ideas for a summer vacation in Canada
Spending a summer vacation in the country can include a whale safari in eastern Quebec, taking a ride on the railroad through the scenic Rockies or simply scouting through the shopping district of Toronto.

Here are some ideas on spending a summer vacation in Canada so that tourists can choose from the best available options in order to plan their vacation.

A number of summer festivals to choose from
From the spicy and colourful Caribana parade of downtown Toronto to a serene Shakespearean performance on the beaches of Vancouver, the summer festivals in Canada cater to a wide array of interests and tastes. The Calgary Stampede is well known among tourists but there are plenty of other festivals that are worth being a part of.
Whistler Sea to Sky Climb (Vancouver-Whistler) CANADA ~ Photo Credit : Rocky Mountaineer
Enjoy a scenic train ride: 

With stunning scenery on offer, the trips along Canadian railroads are more than just a travel from one point to another. Although far more expensive compared to airways and roadways, train rides are far more scenic and relaxing. The major railroad networks in the country strive to keep the romance of their journeys well and alive. Train adventures such as the Rocky Mountaineer railways are operated only during the summer months.

Whale safari
The shoreline in Canada is the longest among all countries in the world. It, therefore, is not a matter of any surprise that many places in Canada offer an exquisite view of migratory whales. The coastal areas of the Maritime provinces, Quebec, Labrador and Newfoundland and British Columbia offer the best observation spots for interested tourists.
Exhilarating experience with the falls and ferries along the Far Eastern shores:

An exclusive journey through the Eastern Canadian provinces offers an insight into the culture and scenery inhabiting the region between the Atlantic provinces and Toronto. A trip spanning eleven days and ten nights, it includes travelling by ship, rail and coach. Some of the noteworthy features are a three day cruise to the Iles de la Madelaine from Montreal on board the MV Vacancier and a guided tour of Old Montreal on foot.

Bike through the Okanagan Valley

Be it with a tour group or alone, biking through the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia with its ancient Douglas Firs, mountains, lakes and an occasional brewery makes for an amazing journey. Although the cycling trails can be accessed all year round, the period between April to October offers the best weather conditions.

Campsite at Algonquin, Ontario: 

One of the most famous and finest of Canadian parks, Algonquin is located in northern Ontario. Spread over nearly eight thousand square kilometres, the park is home to a number of geographical features such as cliffs, beaches, rivers, bogs, forests and lakes. With a hundred campsites on offer, visitors must book well in advance before going camping at the spot. There are a number of campsite options that tourists can choose from such as the open, public sites and large, shedded places that offer privacy from immediate neighbours.

Tasty trail through the Eastern townships: 

A gem on the map in southeastern Quebec, the Eastern townships have been largely appreciated not only by weekending Montrealers but also by numerous US travellers. A big hit among the foodies, there are a number of delicacies that visitors can come across at this place. Brown bread fresh from the oven, roasted lamb, corn chowder, oatmeal pancakes and varieties of fine local cheese are just some of the items. Every food item is complemented with ciders, beer and elegant makes of local wines.

Driving requirements: 

For travelling around Canada many tourists often opt to hire their own vehicles to make best use of the excellent road network. For visitors from UK, please note that your UK driving license will not be considered valid in the country. Please approach concerned authorities and national driver licensing agencies for further clarification on the issue.

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