Try Exotic Travelling Destinations For a Holiday

Written by Jesse Cadena

You recline in the golden glow of sunset, toes digging into warm soft sand and the lulling sweep of waves rising and falling, sending you off into a dream.  Sounds too good to be true when you have a fresh foot of snow to shovel off of the drive and walks in the morning?  Not if you start planning now and book a trip to one of the exotic travelling destinations where you've always imagined yourself going, someday.  Now is that day.

Kauia (Garden Isle) Hawaii USA
Bali.  Jamaica.  Kauai.  Just the sound of the names brings up the dream of long warm evenings on the beach and tranquil days spent near the water, boating or diving.  The islands all have lush forests with trails for exploring jungles and waterfalls when you are ready to venture inland from the beach.  Find food that satisfies your exotic cravings and the most tantalizing drinks of fresh fruit juices you have ever sipped.

Kauia in Hawaii USA
Kenya.  Brazil.  Iceland.  They may sound as remote as a magazine cover featuring an explorer finding new routes of discovery, yet all these countries and more could be stamped on your visa when you decide to enjoy some of the destinations the world has to
offer.  Each one of the exotic travelling destinations you may consider have a range of potential options in lodging and dining, from plush comforts of home or better, to off-the-beaten-track adventure with safaris or jungle river cruises or volcano watching adventures that can bring up your heartbeat and give you more than just a flashy picture to show off, they can fill you with wonder and joy at the amazing capacity of the earth for diversity of life and beauty.

So make your plans today.  Dust off your old dreams and remember where that kid wanted to travel to someday.  Today is that day.  It is time to find the time to go to some of the exotictravelingdestinations you always longed to visit for yourself.

Author's Bio:
Jesse is a 26-year old travel blogger based in Northern California who enjoys trying new restaurants in new places, searching for new adventures. A restaurant and adventure seeker that is! A travel and vacation guru who love animals and addicted to chocolates. If you are interested to communicate and follow her, check out her site for the best travel tips.

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