Lucerne: The Thrill of Mount Pilatus

Lucerne is a popular destination in Switzerland.

It is an essential stop for a day if you just want to tour the city, or two if you want to explore Mount Rigi or Mount Pilatus. Both excursions offers a great view of Lucerne from the summit and a chance to take a boat ride on the Lake Lucerne and a cabin ride up to the mountains.

While in the city, take a relaxing cruise around the lake? You will get fabulous panoramic view of the lovely landscape, the Old Town and the beautiful rolling hills of Switzerland adorned with charming homes and magnificent chateaus.

Lucerne is 50 kilometres or 31 miles south of Zurich and 90 kilometres or 56 miles east of Bern. It is a favourite city because it embodies the storybook image of a Swiss town. Located at the north end of the Lake Lucerne, the city offers cobblestone streets, wooden covered bridges, frescoed houses, fountains, Reuss riverside, cozy hotels and good restaurants.

You'll find Lucerne at its best on Tuesday and Saturday mornings, when it becomes a lively market town. I have chosen six cities to visit on my trip to Switzerland and Lucerne is by far one of the best choices. So if you want to see the fabulous Swiss Alps and the best winter facilities, come visit Lucerne.

There is very little to worry about. Switzerland is well known for being a safe and orderly place. Still. it is always good to do the same safe sensible things you would practice in other parts of Europe.

One thing that really amazed me while in Lucerne is the thrill of going up Mount Pilatus by cogwheel railway, the steepest cogwheel in the world. The round trip travel from Lucerne or Alpnachstad in Central Switzerland, is either by cogwheel railway from Alpnachstad which operates from May to November depending on snow conditions or by cable from Kriens.

I was very lucky that I decided to visit Lucerne on that day weather wise. It was clear when we were getting on the cogwheel at the bottom of the mountain. It was already snowing when we were halfway and as we reached the top, the weather was so clear. Thank heavens, I really enjoyed the view of the city of Lucerne.

The highlight of the tour is the magnificent view from 7,000 feet above sea level. 

We spent time going around the building on top of the mountain. We had ordered some food while enjoying the live music at the restaurant. Going out the patio and enjoy the view with the birds chirping and willing to have their pictures taken.

It was an amazing journey, a dream come true, I would say.  

For me to remember Lucerne and Mount Pilatus in particular, I bought nice colourful jackets for myself and for my wife and other items that will remind me of my happy days in Lucerne. 

This, and all the enjoyment that happened all day is not possible without my hospitable hosts, Pacita and Paul.  Thanks to Paul who drove  the whole day all the way from Oberrohrdorf. They are truly an amazing couple.

History tells us that Mount Pilatus was named after a local legend which alleges that Pontius Pilate was buried in this mountain. Two of the famous figures who have reached its summit are Theodore Roosevelt and Queen Victoria among others.

There are other places in the city of Lucerne that we have explored, and these I chose to express through pictures that I took by myself throughout the trip.  I have grouped the images into two.

Group 1 - Taken in the City of Lucerne         
Group 2 - All photos taken in Mount Pilatus

View of the Alps, Hofkirche, Museum, Planetarium with a wide range of exhibits including cars, ancient trains, aircrafts.  There is also a playground for children where they learn about how an old steam-train works.  

Hofkirche is one of Lucerne's most prominent buildings.  Originally part of a small monastery, the Hofkirche was extended over the course of the centuries, and the two Gothic towers date from the beginning of the 16th century.

The Museum, Verkehrshaus der Schweiz is open for visitors everyday of the year. For Opening Times, please click here.  Direction and Layout can be viewed here.

The only large Planetarium in Switzerland can be found in Lucerne. It is an amazing travel through the realm of the stars.  I have experienced this unforgettable space walk with the state-of-the-art technology beneath the 18m dome.  For schedule on public presentation, please click here. See 2012 Calendar of Events for more information.

 Group 1 - Taken in the City of Lucerne

Group 2 - All Photos were taken at the foot, while on the Cogwheel and at the summit of Mount Pilatus
(See photos below)



All photos here are taken by the author, therefore, it is the sole property of this blog. Please enjoy them.  Thank You.

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  1. Switzerland, oh my god. it's too far from my country, indonesia. but it looks very nice, i hope i can travel to it

    1. Hi Drieant,
      Thanks for your comment. You will definitely be able to visit Switzerland if you really want to. It is so beautiful to miss out. You have a cool blog: Cerita Anak Kost.

    2. hai, thanks for your visit to my blog, actualy i'm not using english to my blog because my english is so bad. i am not confidence yet, but i also make one blog too with englis language, but still learning. mybe you can give me a feed back at

      about Switzerland, actualy i realy hope that some day i can visit other country, with english language, so i can learn and fill what is different between my country. but i dont have much money so i just watch from vidio and also picture that you gave. hahahah, i hope someday that i can go to switzerland.

      and i will follow your blog too. thanks

    3. Thanks for dropping by Drieant.

      I am glad my articles and photos about travels can give you an idea and opportunity to compare countries. But let me tell you one thing which I have posted in my Travel Sayings.....

      "It is better to travel first to your neighbouring town and country. It is inexpensive and more often free to see." ~ Freddie Miranda 2011

  2. Switzerland is really a heaven on earth, I love this place and want to visit there soon.

    Travel Packages

    1. Hi Grays,
      It really is. Visit that country and you will love it. Beautiful place and peace-loving people.

  3. Omg, all the views are breath taking. I wish someday, i can save money that is enough to travel the world.

    Freddie, are you a Filipino?

    1. Hi Teejay.
      The views in many parts of Switzerland are spectacular. I wish you would be able to follow your dream of travelling the world.

      As to your question, my answer is 'Yes, I am'

      Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Hi, Freddie, just dropping by again today.. Looking at the photos of Switzerland. Ang ganda talaga! Malinis. How I wish one day, I'll be able to visit the place!! Anyway, I appreciate the photos, at least kahit sa pictures nalakbay ko ang Switzerland!!

    1. Thanks Ric for your time viewing the photos of Switzerland. It is nice to hear you appreciate them. It is such a beautiful country to visit and explore its spectacular scenery. I wish I could go back there again and again....


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