Jorn Eriksson of Oslo NORWAY

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Jørn Eriksson
Marketing Project Manager : Traveller 

(Oslo, Norway)
Life is too short to go the same place twice

We are lucky to have Jørn be a part of our blog. He has  willingly accepted our invitation to share his travel experiences in and out of Oslo and help fellow travellers make their way to Norway.

He divides his time between work and ski in Oslo. A very busy person, indeed! In spite of his hectic schedule, Jørn has to give time to travel.  When on a trip, he either treks, climbs or skis, not to mention his rigid exploration of his destination.

When asked to name the countries he has travelled to, he simply gave some, and revealed that he could no longer remember other trips.

Some of the countries he said unforgettable were: Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Iran, Italy, Qatar, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Montenegro,  Morocco, The Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden,  Switzerland, Tanzania,Thailand, Tunisia,Turkey, United Kingdom and Norway.

Obviously, he did not forget to mention Norway, probably because he loved the country where he spent most of his life. Jørn wants our fellow travellers to visit and explore Norway.

As with other travellers, Jørn revealed that his next trip, which is early next year, will be to Uganda and Congo. He also has India, Japan, China, Brazil, Namibia and the United States listed for the year.

Flag of Norway
So, there you go fellow travellers. I want you to meet Jørn, the Norwayman
* * * * *

Outdoor life, especially back country skiing, big mountains, adventure and travelling are great joys for me. I always bring my camera with me as I enjoy capturing great moments, share and relive them.

I live and work in Oslo in the field of digital marketing, working with brands like Toyota and Staples. Without a good job, travelling is hard. 

Exploring Norway is an ongoing process. I do it all year-round. I never stop because there's plenty of outdoor activities to do.

It was a great climb at Bødalsbreen Glacier in western Norway mainly because of the good weather. It was after a couple of wet days which is not enjoyable. We found a beautiful cave below the glacier shaped by the running water.  It was a fantastic nature experience for all of us.

One must always remember that this walk is suitable only for people in average physical shape. We had to remove some rocks before crawling into a small opening to get to a beautiful "cathedral" of ice. It certainly is fantastic under the ice.  The truth is, these caves are death traps because it can be filled with water in an instant. Time in Bødalsbreen is well spent as I learned a lot about moving on glaciers.

Do not miss out on the adventure on the blue ice when you come visit Norway.

There is no reason to put away our skies yet.  It is nearly end of May but we've still found the best snow at Loftet, the northern parts of Jotunheimen.  I drove more than five hours from Oslo but it was all worth it as we took turns in fresh powder descending five kilometres from the summit of "The Loft" with lots of sunshine and no wind at all. 

There were magic moments that was not easy to forget. I'd remember forever.

After a great trip to Loftet the previous day and a night at a local pub "Fjoset" at Lom, I did not plan any hikes on my way back to Oslo but when I reached the snow-covered mountain bathing in the spring sun, I could not help but stop driving over in a place called Valdresflya.
I parked my car near the famous mountain Bitihorn. Within minutes, I was heading to the summit. When I reached the top, it was only me, no one else up there with me. I felt special to have a mountain top by myself.

Bitihorn is a beautiful mountain and a landmark at Beitostølen and a well known mountain all over Norway. I have been to Bitihorn before, so I knew it will take me about two hours to climb and back. It turned out to be a good workout though as my body felt heavy after a long and tiring trip to Loftet, not to mention the time at the local pub where I stayed all night long.

There are ten other mountain peaks closest to Bitihorn which I make a list here if you are interested:

Rasletind, Torfinnstindene, Kalvehøgde, Tjørnholstind, Store Knutsholstinden, Besshø, Surtningssue, Nautgardstind, Store Memurutinden and Midtre Hellstugutinden. 

Five times I have pushed myself up a steep ascent to Gaustatoppen and am sure there will be sixth time, and many more. The reason is not only the joy of skiing down one of Gausta's seven famous couloirs but it is the walking along the airy ridge while enjoying the view that is beyond compare. It's truly amazing!

I normally visit Gaustatoppen in the beginning of June when the snow is soft, the weather is warm, and there are only few people up there. This time, I went in early May, a period where I had to ascent in warm spring weather, 1000 metres further down and ends up in an icy winterland at the summit. It is here on this spot where summer meets winter. It is not uncommon to see people going up in shorts or less clothes, however, one should put on winter clothings upon reaching the summit.

Every year I head back to this mountain called Hoganovi. The ascent is long but the reward is a great landcape and untouched snow for the descent. Almost no one up here, rarely one or two cross country skiers passing by on their way to the neighbouring Mount Kvitingen. 

It is a bit frightening if you are not familiar with the way around as huge cliff drops are nearby. Explore this area and you will see that there are many lines to choose and discover. When skiing down, I can enjoy untouched powder and fantastic view over the world famous Hardangerfjord, two large glaciers, the Hardangerjokulen and Folgefonna and great Mount Harteigen. 

There is always a good reason to smile when the sun shines and the snow is good and you own the mountain for a moment.

While driving home one cold December night, I stopped for an hour and enjoyed taking photos of this 4.4 billion Oslo Opera House (Norwegian: Operahuset) in Norway. It is so inviting because here, you will enjoy the panoramic view of our city of Oslo.

I drive by the opera house almost everyday and it's strange how its beauty is ignored and its existence has been forgotten.

I always thought of taking a sealine-photo of Oslo for quite some time.

So, one night, I drove out to an open and dark construction site outside the city and found a suitable spot where I took some photos which I have posted here.

I also want to capture the fiery October sunset in Oslo. I found what I am waiting for. I took some photos of it and posting one of the best in my collection. October and November are fantastic months for photography.

I like the colours in the autumn as the sky are so beautiful especially in the afternoon. To capture its beauty, I took the stairs and ended on the top floor of the building where I live.  I feel very satisfied as I took some shots of the sky.

In my daily life, I work, travel and blog. As to blogging, it is all about travel, adventure, outdoor activities and photography. This is my great escape to the hustle and bustle of the city of Oslo.  Visit my blog.  There's a lot more exciting moments in my stories. Give it a try!

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Watch for these blogs! 
They all have been travelling for many years and I can guarantee that all of them have travel tips that all of us can learn and benefit from.  I have to thank all other fellow travellers who have responded to my invite.  I will definitely publish your stories as soon as I have completed the details.


  1. Hi Freddie. Thanks for including me in your great blog. Interaction with other bloggers like you inspires me to continue blogging about my exploration of Norway

    1. It is an honour to have you here Jørn. Your travel story is inspiring and sincere and we appreciate your taking time to share your experiences with our fellow travellers. We are looking forward to reading more of your journey in Norway and other parts of the world.

    2. I finally travelled last year to Norway, Oslo in particular. I was on a Baltic and Russia cruise so I was only able to tour the city of Oslo. Oslo was one of our 7-country destinations. It was beautiful!

  2. I have friends that have travelled to Norway and they tell me... and from the pictures that I viewed, Norway's nature, countryside, landscapes and pure beauty, is up there as a wonderful holiday destination. Myself? I have yet to travel to Norway but it is certainly on my list of destinations I wish to visit. Jørn is a very lucky man to have had the life experiences he has in Norway!

    1. I totally agree with you Seth (Daily Dose of Musings). Norway is so beautiful that I have to pay a visit as soon as i can. Honestly, it is also listed as one of my favourite destinations to explore. I will be the happiest when it happens. Thank you so much for dropping some lines.

  3. Well researched and well crafted blog. :)

    1. Thanks Jolly for your kind words. The more I will strive hard to make this travel blog worth reading.

  4. It was something I never mentioned, but if I should recommend only one place to visit in Norway it must be the city Bergen.

    1. Thanks Jørn. Wow! this is a very good tip for those who are visiting Norway soon. For the information of our fellow travellers, Bergen is the second largest city in Norway, next to Oslo. Thanks so much to our Norwayman!


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