A Taste of Turunç Village in Marmaris

Marmaris in Turkey is one of the best destinations in the course of my journey. 

A great experience due to the excellent location where I stayed with my family.  The resort we stayed at offered a beautiful panoramic view of the Turunç Bay

Holiday-goers who want to spend some time in the sun and sea should make it a point to visit the resort town of Marmaris along the Mediterranean Coast. The blue waters, golden beaches and picturesque coves serves as an escape for the tired and weary traveller.

Swimmers at the Village of Turunç
Situated just 40 minutes away in the green and mountainous region of Marmaris is the Loryma Resort Hotel.  

We pampered ourselves in style in this luxurious hotel located in the hills 200m above sea level in a beautiful tree-lined garden landscape of lush vegetation. Its magnificent setting offers a majestic view of the surrounding pine-covered mountains, where cool breezes bring relief even during the summer months. 

With the beach only 1.3km away, guests at the resort can enjoy diving, jet skiing or sailing in the clear waters of Turunç Bay.

Village of Turunç
I walked around Turunç a couple of times; it is a nice village hidden behind the hills. It is one of the tourism centres and history tells us that it is a former fishing village which was transformed into a holiday centre ranging from pensions to luxury hotels and shopping centres. 

Due to my pre-arranged itinerary and brief stay in the hotel, I did not have the chance to go to the beach although it was the best time to do so. If you happen to be in Turunç during the month of April till October, it is the best time to go for a swim. 

Turunç Village is very accessible to the neighbouring centre which makes it easy to move around on mini buses coming from the city centre of Marmaris. The convenience and easy access to public mini buses prompted me to explore the nearby town of Belbedi to try what they call the Turkish Bath.

The rapidly increasing tourism industry has drawn a right and conscious path with the contributions of the people living in Turunç It is the common principle of the local enterprises to serve the visitors and it does not matter if they come overnight or for a longer stay. Despite the rapid improvement of the village, it still remains unpolluted.

View of Turunç Bay

Visit Marmaris when you travel to Turkey. Stroll along the Turunç Bay and savour the warm hospitality of the locals.

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