How to Enjoy Sabah in a Day

Written by Shaiya Ong

Sabah is the island paradise of any diving enthusiasts, but what if you wish to visit the region but is not interested about diving? Is there another way in which you can enjoy it?  

Most definitely! The allure of Sabah does not only rest in its diving spot, but its flora, fauna, and rich culture. You may wish to make a reservation at the best five star hotel in the island, because this will ultimately make your stay a memorable one. Moreover, it will give you easier access to the following must see destinations in the region.

The First 12 Hours in Sabah

It is best to arrive at the airport before noon, so you can enjoy your lunch at one of the restaurants in the region. This will give you enough energy for the places you intend to visit during your stay. When the clock strikes 2:00 pm, you can now go to your chosen hotel and deposit your luggage before hitting the road for your first destination.

River Safari Adventure (2:30 pm)

Upon arrival at Kota Kinabalu Airport, you may leave your luggage and wait for your travel agent to pick you up for a River Safari Adventure. The tour may last until the evening so it is important for you to eat a heavy meal and bring plenty of snacks with you. Do not leave your camera behind because you may miss the opportunity to take wonderful pictures of proboscis monkeys hanging on trees during your journey.

El Centro Café & Bar (8:00 pm)

Before you go back to your hotel, go to El Centro Café and have a delicious dinner. It is well loved by those who love to eat cuisines using the freshest ingredients without MSG. It is a healthy way to enjoy the Sabah dishes together with your all time favourite drinks and desserts.

At around 10 pm, you will be back at your hotel. Sleep tight because you still have one long journey to enjoy the next day. It would be nice if the hotel you have chosen offers a soothing spa or massage service, because your legs may be aching because of the long journey it has endured.

The Next 12 Hours in Sabah
Waking-up refreshed, go wear modest apparel because it is time to immerse yourself into the culture of the place.

The Floating Mosque (8:00 am)

After being captivated by the beauty of nature, it is time to see the grandeur of the popular floating mosque of Sabah. It is built on a man-made lagoon, which is spectacular in the moonlight. Talk about the scenes created by Princess Jasmine and Aladdin in the Disney Classic. It has a prayer hall that can accommodate as much as 12,000 people in one time, so be sure to practice modest apparel when visiting it. It is open to the public beginning 8 am until 5 pm, except for Fridays.

The Handicraft Market (10:30 am)

This may be your last chance to find souvenir items before you go back home. So walk from the Waterfront until you reach the handicraft market. Here you will find variety of beaded bracelets, key chains, necklaces, bookmarks, bags, and gift items that you can give to your friends at home.

Sabah Foundation Building (12:00 noon)

Before going to the airport, go on top of the Sabah Foundation Building. This 30-storey building is the highest tower in the region, and you will most definitely be captivated by the amazing view it offers. It is also a good way of saying goodbye to this beautiful paradise in the east.

One-day stay in Sabah is definitely short. You will find it more pleasurable if you do not need to rush from one place to another. Therefore, consider staying longer in its midst because the tourism department made it certain that all visitors will have an unforgettable experience under its care.

Author Bio: 
Shaiya is a freelance writer for Sabah Tourism based in the Philippines who once endured the extreme task of becoming an educator to university students. She is now enjoying moments travelling to places she dreams of visiting as well as connecting to people all over the world


  1. Wow! Amazing place! Definitely a must see! ^^

    Thanks for sharing! ^^

    1. Hello there Horus. Nice to hear from you again.
      Thanks for your kind words....and thanks for your support.

  2. This is amazing destinations to see in the world. You have shared here very nice and interesting information regarding on Subah. After read your valuable post I am curious this gorgeous destination.

    1. I love to hear remarks of this kind from people engaged in travel business. Thanks for finding time to read and leaving comments.

  3. Nice post! I love Borneo especially Kota Kinabalu! I miss strolling around the Waterfront and having dinner at Mai Yai Thai Orchid resto. Oh and Tunku Abdul Rahman Park is the best place to snorkel!

    1. Thank you Pinay Ramblings. I appreciate your giving more information about Sabah's neighbouring places.


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