Tips for Buying Great Travel Luggage

Written by Jesse Cadena

Do you ever stand at the travel luggage carousel while black suitcase after black suitcase passes, and it takes you forever to figure out which one is yours? Or maybe you pick up
your bag only to see a hole formed in the top pocket and now half your underwear is missing? If this has happened to you, you may need new gear. Following a few guidelines can ensure you get a great bag to fit your needs.

If you travel light, consider a backpack. You will not have to check it in, and many can be purchased with wheels and a retractable handle. These are also a good fit if you are planning on camping or hiking while on your trip. You can also find duffel bags equipped with similar gear, and they can fit nicely into overhead compartments.

If you need to go big, you have a few options. Traditional luggage comes in either a hard-
side or soft. An advantage to a soft bag is that it is usually expandable and can hold more if you need it. Some are even flexible enough to squeeze into overhead compartments. However, hard-side luggage can provide more protection for your belongings, and they come in ultra-lightweight options.

Lastly, think about getting a bag that is brightly coloured or has an interesting pattern. It will make it easier to spot on the carousel and help avoid the confusion of, “Wait, is that my bag, or your bag?” There are many options for travel luggage, so do a little research to find the case that suits you.

Author's Bio:
Jesse is a 26-year old travel blogger and vacation guru based in Northern California who enjoys trying new restaurants in new places and is constantly searching for new adventures. Jesse has always dreamt of travelling the world and she is slowly working her up to it! She loves giving travel advice and meeting new friends around the world. heck out her blog for the best travel tips and follow her on Twitter.

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