Are You Buying an Airline Ticket? Here are the Tips: When & Where to Purchase

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How to Buy Cheap Airline Tickets

While it is true that purchasing an airline ticket is at times confusing, the writer suggests that you try and follow the tips below whether you are booking it by yourself or by your travel agent. 

The information that are listed here are part of the experience and proven to be true.

  • Wednesday is the cheapest day to fly.  Flying on weekdays from Monday to Thursday is cheaper than flying on weekends from Friday to Sunday
  •  Tuesday and Wednesday evening is the best time to buy airline tickets. We have done this many times
  •  Always check with the low-cost airlines.  Also called a no-frills, discount or budget airlines. These airlines are called as such due to the low fares offered as compared to other airlines of the same route. Ryanair is just one of them. Based in Dublin, Ireland
  • Don't buy airline ticket too early or too late.  For domestic travel, buy cheaper seats 3 to 4 months before departure.  For international travel, buy cheaper seats 4 to 5 months before departure.
  • Avoid travelling during peak season from mid June to early September
  • Find a professional travel agent if you require multi-city flights.  They can search and combine the itinerary that suits your travel plan 
  • Find multiple flight comparison sites. We have used these sites a couple of times. 
  • Be flexible with your travel dates  
  • Try flying on the actual holiday, itself, when bookings are often lighter ~ and cheaper. Take a flight on the holiday morning, and you may even make it in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner
  • You need to be patient to be able to buy cheap airline ticket. Search from popular travel sites like: Travelocity, Kayak, FareCompare, TravelZoo, CheapTickets, Orbitz and Expedia.

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